Featured Medical Board Cases


On 8/18/2011, a gynecologist performed a Cesarean section and...

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General Surgery

In preparation for the removal of a lipoma on a patient’s posterior neck...

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Emergency Medicine

On 10/6/2015, a patient presented to the emergency department with...

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On 03/22/2007, a patient suffered a back injury while making a jump on...

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Internal Medicine

On 12/10/2014, a patient, a resident of an inpatient psychiatric facility, fell...

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Prioritize Preventing Medical Errors

Protect your financial and professional security

Familiarize yourself with the most common reasons physicians are disciplined by state medical boards. Avoiding even one medical error could save you tens of thousands of dollars in litigation fees, civil claims, and professional penalties.

Be the best physician in your hospital or practice

Be informed of unique cases and situations other physicians are unaware of. Have a leg up among your peers and competition.

Educate the next generation of physicians

Utilize a one of a kind collection of medical error cases as a potent tool to educate your students.

Real patients. Real physicians. Real mistakes.


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