California – Pediatrics – Fourteen-Year-Old Male With A Hemoglobin Of 8.2

On 7/30/2013, a 14-year-old male was seen by a pediatrician for a well-child assessment.  The pediatrician reviewed the patient’s height, weight, temperature, and blood pressure and administered hearing and vision tests.  She reviewed the patient’s development, including body image, home situation, education, school progress, risk-taking behaviors, sexuality, and mental health.  A complete physical examination was performed.

On 7/30/2013, the patient received a routine HPV immunization.  Routine diagnostic laboratory tests were ordered, including urinalysis.  A hemoglobin test by finger stick was performed.  The patient’s urinalysis test result was normal, but his hemoglobin result of 8.2 was significantly lower than normal.  The pediatrician repeated the hemoglobin test by finger stick but did not order a complete blood count by venipuncture.  The patient’s hemoglobin result was again 8.2.  The pediatrician started the patient on iron supplement therapy and instructed him to follow up in three months.  No additional diagnostic tests were done during this visit.

On 8/18/2013, the clinic received a report that the patient was experiencing shortness of breath and chest pain.  The patient was instructed to go to an emergency room.

At the emergency room, the patient experienced a full cardiac arrest.  His complete blood count revealed severe anemia, with a hemoglobin result of 7.5, a hematocrit of 21, 99 atypical lymphocytes, and a critically low platelet count of 39,000.  The patient’s cause of death was acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma.

The Board deemed the pediatrician’s level of conduct to be below the standard of care given failure to order a complete blood count by venipuncture for the follow-up blood test, failure to schedule a visit and lab check at an earlier date, and failure to consider other diagnoses in addition to iron deficiency anemia.

The Board issued a public reprimand against the pediatrician.  Stipulations included performing sixty hours of free services to a community or a non-profit organization, conducting 40 hours of continuing medical education, enrolling in a professionalism program, and undergoing a clinical competency assessment program.

State: California

Date: May 2017

Specialty: Pediatrics, Hematology

Symptom: Shortness of Breath, Chest Pain

Diagnosis: Cancer, Hematological Disease

Medical Error: Failure to order appropriate diagnostic test, Delay in proper treatment

Significant Outcome: Death

Case Rating: 5

Link to Original Case File: Download PDF

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