Florida – Emergency Medicine – Sharp Chest Pain After Intercourse

On 4/4/2015, a 47-year-old male presented to the emergency department with sharp chest pain after intercourse.

The RN on duty noted taking the patient’s vitals and performing an EKG, chest radiograph, and labs.

In his physician note, the ED physician documented the following: the patient did not take his medication for hypertension or dyslipidemia despite having a history of hypertension and homelessness;  the patient reported a history of coronary artery disease and possible coronary artery stent placement; and the patient reported chest discomfort and dyspnea for the week prior to presentation as well as a history of tobacco use.

The ED physician recorded a differential diagnosis including acute myocardial infarction, non-ST segment elevation myocardial infarction (“NSTEMI”), angina, and acute coronary syndrome.

The ED physician did not diagnose the patient with possible cardiac etiology of chest discomfort.  He also did not contact the on-call cardiologist.  The ED physician did not perform provocative testing or cardiac catheterization.  He also did not admit the patient for hospitalization and cardiology consultation.  The ED physician discharged the patient without requiring any further evaluation/treatment or serial EKG/troponin.  He did not arrange for close outpatient follow-up prior to discharge.

The Board issued a letter of concern against the ED physician’s license and ordered that he pay a fine, reimburse costs for the proceedings, and complete 5 hours of continuing education in risk management.

State: Florida

Date: November 2017

Specialty: Emergency Medicine

Symptom: Chest Pain

Diagnosis: Cardiovascular Disease

Medical Error: Failure to order appropriate diagnostic test, Referral failure to hospital or specialist, Failure to follow up

Significant Outcome: N/A

Case Rating: 2

Link to Original Case File: Download PDF

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