Florida – Family Medicine – Three Patients Seen At Once Without Proper Examination and Documentation

On 9/21/2012, Patient A, Patient B, and Patient C presented to a geriatric practitioner at the same time in his office.  The geriatric practitioner saw the patients for less than nine minutes total.  At no time were the patients separated for individual assessments.  The patients were an undercover detective and two informants, using pseudonyms.  The appointment was audiotaped and videotaped.

The geriatric practitioner failed to perform a physical examination on any of the three patients.  The geriatric practitioner failed to create a treatment plan for any of the three patients.  He also sent the three patients for x-rays without a physical examination.  Per the geriatric practitioner’s instructions, all three patients presented for x-rays;  however, only Patient A and Patient C actually had x-rays performed.  The geriatric practitioner failed to create or maintain documentation of referring the three patients for x-rays.

On 10/30/2012, the three patients presented to the geriatric practitioner for a follow-up visit.  At that time, the geriatric practitioner failed to review readily available medical records from the patients’ first visit, failed to inquire about x-ray results, failed to review physical therapy results, failed to perform physical examinations and/or failed to create treatment plans for all three patients.

The Board judged the geriatric practitioner’s actions to be below the minimum standard of competence given his failure to perform a physical examination, perform a complete individual physical examination for each patient prior to referral for x-rays, other diagnostic testing, or further treatment.  Also, the geriatric practitioner failed to review any medical records or results at a follow-up visit, including x-rays, from prior visits, and/or procedures and review and analyze the physical therapy progress of the patients, and create treatments plans for each patient.

The Board ordered that the geriatric practitioner pay a fine of $12,000 against his license and pay reimbursement costs for the case for a minimum of $37,421.80 and not to exceed $39,421.80.  The Board also ordered that the geriatric practitioner complete a medical records course and complete five hours of continuing medical education on “Risk Management.”  The Board put the geriatric practitioner’s license on probation and required that he have indirect supervision to practice by a Board-approved physician.

State: Florida

Date: November 2017

Specialty: Family Medicine

Symptom: N/A

Diagnosis: N/A

Medical Error: Failure to examine or evaluate patient properly, Ethics violation, Failure to follow up, Lack of proper documentation

Significant Outcome: N/A

Case Rating: 1

Link to Original Case File: Download PDF

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