Florida – Internal Medicine – Daily Dose Of 1200 Milligrams Of Gabapentin For Patient With End Stage Renal Disease

On 5/8/2014, a 74-year-old female presented to an internist for the purpose of establishing care.  The patient had multiple medical problems, including diabetes, end-stage renal disease, and recurrent C. difficile infections.

At all times pertinent to this complaint, the patient was undergoing chronic hemodialysis treatment.

On 6/10/2014, the patient presented to the internist for a follow-up visit.  The internist prescribed 600 mg tablets of gabapentin to the patient to treat her diabetic neuropathy.  The patient’s prescription directed her to take the 600 mg of gabapentin twice daily, totalling 1200 mg of gabapentin per day.

On 6/14/2014, after taking her prescribed dosage of gabapentin, the patient lost control of her leg muscles and fell, resulting in a fracture of the T12 vertebrae in her back.

The prevailing professional standard of care required the internist to prescribe the patient a dosage of gabapentin not to exceed 150 mg per day, due to her end-stage renal disease.  The internist prescribed the patient an inappropriate and/or excessive dosage of gabapentin.

According to the internist, he verbally instructed the patient and/or her family members to modify the gabapentin prescription.

The internist failed to document and/or accurately document the alleged verbal instruction to the patient and/or her family members to modify the patient’s gabapentin prescription.

The Board issued a letter of concern against the internist’s license.  The Board ordered that the internist pay a fine of $5,000 against his license and pay reimbursement costs for the case at a minimum of $30,433.57 and not to exceed $32,433.57.  The Board also ordered that the internist complete a medical records course and complete five hours of continuing medical education in clinical pharmacology and drug dosing.

State: Florida

Date: June 2017

Specialty: Internal Medicine, Nephrology

Symptom: Weakness/Fatigue

Diagnosis: Drug Overdose, Side Effects, or Withdrawal, Diabetes, Neurological Disease, Spinal Injury Or Disorder, Renal Disease, Fracture(s)

Medical Error: Improper medication management, Accidental Medication Error, Lack of proper documentation

Significant Outcome: N/A

Case Rating: 3

Link to Original Case File: Download PDF

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