Florida – Interventional Radiology – Epidural Steroid Injection On A Patient Taking Plavix

On 1/21/2014, an 85-year-old female was admitted to the hospital with complaints of lower back pain and chest pain.

The patient’s medication list, at the time of her admission, listed a prescription for 75 mg of Plavix daily.

On 1/23/2014, a radiologist performed an epidural steroid injection on the patient while she was taking Plavix.  Shortly after the procedure, the patient developed an abrupt sudden onset of diffuse abdominal pain with nausea, vomiting, and a large retroperitoneal hematoma extending from the left upper abdomen into the pelvis.

The patient had a stroke, among other complications.

The Board judged the radiologists conduct to be below the minimal standard of competence given that he performed an epidural injection on a patient while the patient had been receiving antiplatelet therapy for a significant period of time.

It was requested that the Board order one or more of the following penalties for the radiologist: permanent revocation or suspension of his license, restriction of practice, imposition of an administrative fine, issuance of a reprimand, probation, corrective action, payment of fees, remedial education, and/or any other relief that the Board deemed appropriate.

State: Florida

Date: October 2017

Specialty: Interventional Radiology

Symptom: Back Pain, Nausea Or Vomiting, Chest Pain

Diagnosis: Drug Overdose, Side Effects, or Withdrawal

Medical Error: Improper medication management

Significant Outcome: Permanent Loss Of Functional Status Or Organ

Case Rating: 4

Link to Original Case File: Download PDF

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